How to get the most out your Virtual Summit All-Access Pass

So you bought the ALL-ACCESS PASS.... now what?

We are so happy to hear from coaches & clubs who are using their pass in creative ways to improve their coaching & programs.

Here is a quick list of some of the ways to take advantage of what the AAP offers:

  • Watch it all at once -- or one at a time!
    • The good thing is that you can go at your own pace - with lifetime & unlimited access to all the sessions, you can watch (and re-watch) to your hearts content!

  • Use the worksheets!
    • To get the most out of each session, we recommend you use the worksheet (in the download section of each session) as guide to take notes and make a plan of action to implement your favuourite ideas!

  • Include sessions to your new staff onboarding process
    • Recommended:
      • Jeff's "Developing a Personal Best Philosophy" session to get to the heart of coaching rec/preschool (aka the WHY); 
      • Hannah's "Teach. Praise. Correct." for how to give kids corrections/feedback in a positive & growth-oriented way! 

  • Show a session for ongoing staff training
    • Recommended:
      • Ali's "Conditioning Can Be Fun" -- have your staff try the activities shared in the session -- then invent their own!
      • Ashley's "25 Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference" -- highlight the "little things" you can try out in your gym and coaches can share the little things they already do!
      • Ian's "From Average to Awesome" -- how to level up your coaching game

  • Supporting a Coach who is struggling with class management
    • Recommended:
      • Alicia's "Not Just a Bad Kid" -- for information & tips on dealing with undesired behaviours from kids
      • Ashley's "25 Little Things That Can Make a Big Difference" -- includes some pro-active approaches to managing behaviour

  • New Camp Staff Training
    • Recommended:
      • Ali's "Game Leadership 101" for how to effectively lead all the fun & games (while keeping kids safe!) at camp!
      • Ali's "Conditioning Can Be Fun" -- for some fund quirky games/activities to try out!

  • Exchanging Sessions for Wage-Increasing
    • One gym offered their coaches a raise if they watched all of the recordings (and submitted a completed worksheet for each); 

  • Incentivizing Coach Learning
    • One gym requires coaches earn a certain number of "coach development points" each year, and included the Virtual Summit sessions as an option for earning points.  Points contribute to annual pay increases, advancement opportunities and bonuses at their gym.

  • Coaches in Canada can "self-report" Virtual Summit sessions for Professional Development on their coaching profile

Do you or your gym use the All Access Pass in another way?  Please share and we'll add it to the list!

Don't have an all access pass yet?  Get it here!


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