Rec Director 101 - Intro to Rec Directing (Online Course, Spring 2024)

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What is Rec Director 101?

“Intro to Rec Directing” is our flagship intensive course that will dig into the foundational skills for leading a recreational gymnastics program. 

Our goal is for all participants to finish the course more confident with more skills,  and to find support from a community of like-minded new friends - all taking on the rec gymnastics world together. 

This course is FOR YOU, if you are: 

  • New (or new-ish) to the Rec Director/Manager role (or similar title)
  • Responsible for managing staff & making decisions about rec, preschool, and/or any non-competitive programs
  • Feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed or stressed trying to juggle & learn all the aspects of this position
  • Looking to connect & find community with like-minded leaders
  • Keen to fast track your learning when it comes to key RD skills
  • Able to commit to attending and actively participating in LIVE lessons & tutorials 

This course is NOT FOR YOU, if you are: 

  • Not able to commit to attending lessons & tutorials LIVE (on Zoom)
  • Not interested in learning/sharing/connecting/engaging with instructors + other RDs
  • Already confident with your established staffing & programming systems

Still not sure if RD 101 is for you?

Our quiz here will help you figure out if it's a good fit.

Course Details: 

Our next cohort will run from March 18 to May 6, 2024

We meet twice a week LIVE on Zoom:

  • Lessons every Monday @ 1:30-3:30pm (ET) 
  • Tutorials every Friday @ 1:30-3:30pm (ET)  (no class on Mar. 29)

Each week includes:

  • One lesson and one tutorial each week - both are LIVE on via ZOOM
  • Experiments: Actionable micro-projects to complete on own time during the week
  • Weekly workbooks to accompany lessons & tutorials
  • Bonus resources, tools, templates + lessons

To get the most out of this course, we strongly recommend lessons & tutorials are attended live. While we do record the main lessons, our breakout room discussions are not recorded.  This is where a ton of the magic happens - with course participants connecting and creating a community to swaps best practices, share ideas, ask questions, offer thoughtful feedback and brainstorms solutions in real time.  It's one of the best things about RD 101!

Course Overview: 

  • Week 1 - Leadership & Goal Setting
  • Week 2 - Program Evaluation (Part 1)
  • Week 3 - Program Evaluation (Part 2)
  • Week 4 - Program Planning
  • Week 5 - Staff Scheduling
  • Week 6 - Staff Management & Development
  • Week 7 - Communication & Feedback
  • Week 8 - Next Steps & Graduation!

Overall, we're estimating the time commitment to be 3.5-4 hours a week (including the experiment). 

Course Instructors: 

Ali Stoffels is the founder of Rec Gym Pros and enthusiastic (aka obsessed) about all things rec gymnastics - especially anything "outside the box" when it comes to program planning, coach development & leadership training! After Rec Directing for 10 years, Ali now runs RGP full time consulting with gyms, delivering staff trainings, and facilitating opportunities for our industry to gather & learn!  Outside of the gym, Ali can be found travelling, getting crafty, adventuring outdoors or binge-watching Survivor. 

Alicia Hutson has almost two decades of experience in recreation. She she is passionate about creating programs for all ages, and abilities to thrive in. When she isn't rocking her role as Executive Director at her gym, you'll find Alicia out on the floor helping new coaches and athletes fall in love with gymnastics and leadership. As an NCCP Learning Facilitator, former Rec Director, and co-creator of RD 101, Alicia takes pride in educating & learning with future coaches and fellow Rec Directors.

How many spots will be open? 

We typically open between 20-25 spots.  We like to get to know everyone and we do a lot of breakout rooms with even smaller groups to ensure each participant has a meaningful experience and makes forward progress.  If there is demand, we may consider opening a second cohort.

 Registration Details: 

Course fee: $725 USD (can be paid at once, or in monthly installments)

Space is limited. Registration will remain open until all spots are filled (or March 15th, whichever happens first). 

Not ready to register this time?  Be sure to hop on our wait list  and we'll notify you when our next cohort is scheduled.   

Testimonials from past RD 101 participants: 

From Eimear (Inertia Gymnastics Academy, Northern Ireland):
"This course was truly the BEST investment I have made for myself as a gym owner/director. The knowledge bombs dropped over the eight weeks were so valuable and even though I have experience of each weekly topic, I still walked away with more info, ideas and various new systems and methods of how to do this role bigger and better than I ever imagined. I LOVED learning from Ali and Alicia and of course our cohort. If there is ever a 2.0 version, sign me up, I’m there!" 

From Laura (Teulon Gymnastics Club, Manitoba, Canada):
"This course was so incredibly informational about so many different relevant topics. I knew there was a bunch of stuff I was not familiar with as it had not been something I have had to take care of in the past (staff scheduling for example) but I came away feeling confident that they are tasks that I could take over if/when required. I also cannot say enough positive things about Ali, Alicia and the rest of my cohort. They are passionate about what they do and helped instill a sense of comradery within the course participants. Excellent experience all around, definitely recommend." 

From Jackie (Younique Gymnastics, New York, USA):
"I would definitely recommend this course to help you get in touch with other RD’s. This course helped me a lot in building my confidence, being able to hear that I’m not alone with the same issues, and being able to work together and get ideas from one another to help situations in the gym. Also helped my organizations on schedules and availability! The amount of resources that were given was so helpful."  

From Jade (Golden Bears Gymnastics Club, California, USA):
The main thing I really loved was having a cohort of people across the country and internationally that share the same ideas, concerns, and thoughts as me. I have never been able to feel related to in my work position before and I felt so heard and understood because as Rec Directors, we all have so much in common. Even though we all have various ways of running our programs, we generally ran into the same issues. I found it so helpful to bounce ideas off of everyone. I am starting some new ideas in my program that will be a big hit."  

Have Questions? 

No problem - please reach out to Ali & Alicia via email ( - we'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! :)

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